Spring update

Check out these seasonal landscaping tips from Shaun Nelson, our Landscaping Presentation Manager.

Now that the cool weather is behind us, all of the winter jobs should now be completed on all of your sites. This includes pruning, crown lifting of trees, clearing gardens of dry leaves, thinning out plant numbers, removing dead plants and topping up mulching.

Cleaning and landscaping tips

Due to the change in season, the management and maintenance program will need to be adjusted to accommodate the faster growing conditions of the turf and gardens. It is imperative to review your programs and apply the adequate resources required to ensure the properties are serviced accordingly.

Upon recent inspection of our portfolios, there are some areas that require attention to ensure landscaping falls within the Goodman presentation standards.  These areas include:

Weeds in turf areas
Sites with more than 2% of weed infestation (Burr, Medic, Clover and various broadleaf weeds) need to be sprayed with the correct herbicide. Please remember with all herbicide applications, follow up treatments are required 3-4 weeks after the initial spray.

Pruning of hedges
Spring has brought growth to a number of hedges including the Photinia, Viburnum, Loropetalum and Lilly Pillies – can we please hold back from pruning these until late September to encourage flowers to bloom. Once initial growth has finished, please ensure these species are managed accordingly to ensure no more than 50% of growth is present prior to pruning.

Native grasses
Across a lot of sites, pruning has been completed – however it is important that any sites with grasses that require cutting back are completed by the end of September prior to the warm weather commencing

Crown lifting of trees

Removal of leaves/sticks/debris in gardens

We encourage you to keep sending through your recommendations for any site improvements, as you know Spring is the perfect time to complete planting, mulching and topdressing.


Irrigation systems

If you haven’t already done so, please review your irrigation system on each site and adjust to accommodate the weather patterns we are experiencing, as we progress further into spring these systems will be critical. It is predicted that eastern Australia will experience a dry summer, which in turn will place stress on these systems which will need to be fully operational.¬† Please ensure that you submit regular irrigation audits to Goodman with any recommendations or repairs to ensure that the system is working efficiently. Goodman will also be conducting audits of the irrigation systems to ensure that contractors are managing the system correctly.